Using HubSpot to Manage Your Job Search Part III

In the most recent installment of this blog series, I walked you through an example of an interaction I had with a company last summer and wrote about some of the HubSpot tools and features that I was able to leverage at the beginning phases of my job search. In this installment, I wanted to dive deeper into that process and talk about the tool I found to be the most valuable in managing my job search from a CRM.

Let’s jump back in!

So when we left off, I had gone through an initial phone screen, which naturally transitions into an email follow-up. This is where the most important feature of using a CRM to manage your job search comes into play.

HubSpot gives you the ability to log all of the emails that you send into the CRM and track them. Tracking them gives you a window of insight into what is happening (or what is not happening) to your emails after you send them.

For example, from the first example above, the email that I sent to the company above ended up in a thread and was opened a total of 21 times. As a candidate, this is a really good sign. You can make the reasonable assumption that if your emails are being opened that many times, there is some level of interest on the part of the recipient un you as a candidate.

Moreover, the second photo shows that after my email was sent, it was opened six minutes after it was received and it was opened again the following morning at 8:29 AM. This is another really positive sign.

The key takeaway is this: you want to stay as close as you can to the positions that are reciprocating interest in you, and as far away as you can from the ones that are not.

Here was a tactic that I would deploy when I came across a position that I was interested in: after submitting an application through the company website, I would do some investigation and find someone at the company (a recruiter in HR would be the best person) and send that person an email. Make sure that you take advantage of HubSpot’s email open tracking so you get the data that you need to optimize your search.

From there, the onus is on you to knock their socks off with a killer interview experience. When you do so, you have to swim against the current. Don’t take anything for granted, and make sure you do your homework and come prepared to wow and delight your audience.

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